RTÉ Pulse

Music for the Millennium generation
Join Scott De Buitléir every Wednesday from 8pm as he kick starts RTÉ Pulse’s gay night and provides high-quality dance floor remixes of what’s currently topping the charts. Between the tunes there will be plenty of information and news for the LGBT communities around Ireland and all you need to know about all the latest LGBT events. Digital-only station, DAB-receiver required or listen to the online stream: http://dynamic.rte.ie/av/live/radio/1112.asx


    • cybernoelie
      cybernoelie Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A radio station? Really?
      This just reinforces a crappy stereotype that all gays like 'thump thump' music. Besides, RTE Pulse only plays during certain hours, other hours it's a station for kids plus it broadcasts on DAB only in limited locations.